Choosing the Best Ping Pong Paddle

December 28 2018 by Bev

The best ping pong paddle  is used when playing table tennis. If you dont have a ping pong paddle you could use your pickleball paddle spin as a replacement. Table tennis is a game that can be enjoyed by family, friends and the competitors themselves.
It is a low impact game that appeals to a lot of people since it represents a section of the lifetime games which are participated in almost any era.

For those regularly participating in tennis, either for competition or fun, most of them are always looking for means of improving their game, such as finding the best ping pong paddle. The look of having the suitable device for the job has appeared true for a long period of time and this is even more relevant to ping pong players. Many people don’t know where to buy the best ping pong paddle. They just view the paddle with no contemplation, however few check up on how this primary device will assist or hurt the tennis enjoying ability.

Checkout the Standard Ping Pong Table Dimensions

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Our Reviews! The Best Ping Pong paddles

Ping pong or Table tennis has become one of the most famous sports being played all over the world and its equipment is also available in nearly all top countries. With the advancement in technology and the nature of the game, fine kinds of blades are also being produced by leading sporting goods industries. In this article we’ll be reviewing the top Ping Pong paddles and accessories being used all over the world nowadays. Ping pong products are divided into four different categories described below:

For the family:
1. Stiga Performance 4-Player Table Tennis set:

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The Stiga Performance 4-Player Table Tennis set includes 4 rackets and six balls which can entertain your entire family. 4 rackets provide you with the opportunity to play 4-player table tennis with these amazingly high quality rackets. Out of the four rackets, two of them come with black rubber while the other two come with red rubber and feature a 1 mm sponge and a concave handle. These specially designed rackets offer improved ball control and spin. A set of six 40 mm balls are also included out of which three are white while the other three are orange. These are high quality balls which are also used at the professional level. Stiga are also providing a 90 day warranty with this 4-player table tennis set and is available now at amazon for around $24.99 with free shipping.
2. Killerspin JETSET 2 Table Tennis Paddle Set with Balls:

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The Killerspin JETSET 2 table tennis paddle set with balls includes a set of two Killerspin rackets and three white balls. The two Jet200 rackets come with very high quality rubber that provides great control and precision both in red and black color on each side. The three white one star balls included with the package are also of very high quality and are used at the professional level by the international players. The manufacturer is a very a famous Chicago-based firm that is known for always producing high quality table tennis products and it also comes with a 30 day warranty. It is now available at amazon around $32 with free shipping.

Pro-Table Tennis Blades:
1. DHS Carbon Table Tennis Blade, Shakehand Ping Pong Blade, Wind Series:

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The DHS Carbon Table Tennis blade Wind series is made of 7ply pure wood and 5+2 carbon. It is 6.4 mm thick and weighs only 95-101 gm. It is recommended for professional use as it is made for professional players who like to smash the ball. The large handle of the racket helps in providing more force and is also very useful for people with big hands who tend to have problems with rackets with small handles. It is now available on amazon for around $33.49.
2. Butterfly Senkoh Special 90S Table Tennis Blade:

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The butterfly Senkoh Special 90S blade belongs to famous Japanese Hinoki blade family and is considered to be one of the best blades out there. It is 9mm thick and weighs only 90gm and offers great control. The users of the racket have praised its comfortable feel and how perfectly it fits into the hand and is also ideal for attacking play. It is now available now on amazon for around $70.97.
3. StigaCarbo 7.6 WRB table tennis blade:

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The StigaCarbo 7.6 comes with a completely new construction structure and comes with 13 layers out of which 7 are wood and 6 are carbon. It weighs a surprising 87gm only and it doesn’t come with any rubber. It provides with the extra bit of speed required by the attacking players and also comes with extra power and a great feel in the hand. It is now available on Amazon for around $87.95.
4. JOOLA Carbon Pro Professional Table Tennis Racket:

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The JOOLA Carbon Pro is a professional table tennis racket that comes with 1.99mm thick JOOLA rubbers. It is mainly recommended for professional use and the carbon infused technology provides the racket with some extra speed when the ball comes off the middle of the racket. The racket users have admired its accuracy and even appreciated its long handle saying that it was really comfortable to hold and never slipped off the hand. Due to the heavy carbon infused it weighs around 170gm and comes ready for tournament play. It is now available on amazon for only around $94.95.

Pro-Table Tennis Rubbers:
DHS NEO HURRICANE-III Pips-In Table Tennis Rubber:

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DHS is one of the biggest manufacturers of table tennis products in China and it has also sponsored different massive world table tennis events. Their new DHS Neo Hurricane III rubber is 2.15-2.2 mm thick and promises high speed arc, and can improve the shot effectiveness due to its high speed and excellent spin. It comes in an airtight pack and is now available on amazon for only $25.98.
2. Killerspin Nitrx-4z Table Tennis rubber:

Click here to see on Amazon.comThe Killerspin Nitrx-4z rubber is specially designed for people who love to spin the ball in table tennis. It is made in China and offers massive spin on serves. It also offers great defensive blocks and is really great for players with a defensive style of play and is also very durable and tends to last much longer than other normal rubbers in the market. It is available now on amazon for only $27.99.

Cleaning Ping Pong paddles:

1. Butterfly 8181 Table Tennis Racket Care Kit:

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Cleaning is very important for every racket or else it won’t be able to perform at its best capabilities, and the butterfly 8181 can help you maintain your racket. It includes foam cleaner that helps in removing oil and dirt from the rubber of your racket. With the help of the included rubber sponge and the rubber soap, the rubber of your racket will become as good as new and will perform its best. It is a must for professional players and it is now available on amazon for only $15.99.
2. JOOLA Clipper Foam Cleaner 150ml with Sponge: 

Click here to view on Amazon.comThe JOOLA Clipper foam cleaner comes with a foam and a sponge to keep the rubber of your racket clean. It is very simple to use and you just have to spray it on to the rubber of your racket and clean it with the sponge. It is now available on amazon for only$24.99.

How to Choose a Best Ping Pong Paddle

– 3 Major Parts of a Best Ping Pong Paddle

The best ping pong paddle is made up of three major parts; the blade, the rubber and the handle. One of the minor mistakes individuals make when selecting their paddle is selecting the one that was pre-assembled. These standard paddles give nothing to the players except a discarding choice when they realize that the paddles had been destroyed.

The rubber sometimes bears a shelf life of a period of one year. When you buy a ping pong paddle, it is hard to realize for what period it has stayed in the storehouse or the duration it has been in transit. Most of the paddles that are bought contain rubber which has been used or of age, reducing the paddles ease of play.

The subsequent quality of the paddle to think of is found with the tool which the rubber will be adhering to or with the blade. When you look at any game, there is normally a lot of effort that is applied into what completely varying sizes, weights and shapes can do for the player. The varying ping pong paddle dimensions are applied to the players liking so as to achieve effective results from their use.

They function in similar ways since each table tennis player applies different strokes and has totally different arm speed and strength. The basic, solitary size fits all choices connected to manufacturer of the paddles will exclusively serve to slow down your sporting abilities.

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To conclude, grip is one of the things to lookout in a best ping pong paddle which is significant in increasing your grip ability, directly improving your enjoying strength.

Also, the handle in a best ping pong paddle is significant in maximizing your grasp potential, directly impacting on your enjoying strength. It is a norm to keep the paddle from breaking after the game is over by storing it in a best ping pong paddle holder that is usually purchased with the paddles.